Promotional Voice

Let the voice of your brand reach to millions of people throughout the world with only a single click with the help of our voice platform.

Use Cases

In this world of advanced technology, send voice SMS to your prospects so that you can effectively convert them into your potential customers and that too within a matter of just 30 seconds. In an addition to this, you get instant results and reporting.
With the help of the outbound calling services, you can effectively reach your customers in real time. Moreover, the voice platforms play a vital role in the passing of urgent information to the customers.
Our voice platform come extremely handy at the time of organising a political campaign. If you want to reach out to each and every citizen, do a voice broadcast. Simply record the voice of the leaders of the party and send voice message to millions of citizens at one go with only a single click. Moreover, this voice message gives a personal feel to the citizens. Also, you can check the real time reports for the purpose of checking the effectiveness of the campaign so conducted.
We are presently living in a world of mobile phones where a major portion of the population uses mobile phones. So, mobile marketing plays a vital role in the growth and development of your business. You can very easily take your product or service to billions of people in their preferred language with the help of our robust voice platform. Make your customers feel excited with the voice clip so they are interested in your product or service.
Readily enhance your enquiry generation by click2talk where you let the users of your website receive an automated call or an agent call from the OBD desk. This helps the users to get a real time idea and knowledge about the product or service you deal in.
If you deal in a marketplace type of business and you are looking forward to some of the most innovative ways to connect your visitors with the service providers. We help you to enable your website with the voice forwarding service so that you are able to connect the potential buyers to the service providers through call forwarding service which is automated.

Our voice SMS solution will readily boost up your customer engagement.

More Than Over 4500 PRI and SIP Channels

We will help you to deliver your campaigns almost immediately.

Telco Partners with More Than Over 14000 Channels

We are always ready for capacity expansions as per the demands.

Numerous Operators

We are associated with multiple operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Idea and Aircel to make it extremely convenient for the customers.

Setup is Redundant and Multiple DC

You will simply never ever be out of service with our platform.

Content Support in Multiple Languages

You can simply record and upload your content different languages.

Text to Speech Tool

Our unique text to speech tool is able to convert text into speech on the go.

Reporting and Analytics in Real time

By using our platform, you can easily see the performance of your campaign in real time as well as use the information for retargeting.

Multiple APIS for Integration

We make use of HTTP, XML, FTP, SMTP and JSON which makes life simpler. You can also use FTP location for storing as well as uploading all of your files dynamically.