With our promotional bulk SMS, you can reach your customers within matter of just few seconds. The instant delivery of the messages makes the marketing campaign of your business much more efficient and effective with our retargeting solutions.

Use Cases

Our bulk SMS services help you to send special greetings on special occasions to your customers for making them feel you care for them. Always remind your customers about their importance to you so that they come back to you again and again.
Sending personalised SMS to customers is now possible with only a few clicks. Depending on the nature of your business, accordingly send personalised messages to all your customers with the help of our specialised grouping contacts feature.
Conduct effective and time bound marketing campaigns with our bulk SMS services by sending them different promotional offers for a definite time period. With this marketing campaign, you would be very easily able to track the results of the campaign to get a clear idea about its effectiveness. For example, you can send discount coupons to your customers during the festive season for grabbing more customers.
Looking forward to generate leads for your business? Short code would be the ideal choice for you in this regard. It will not only be very easy to remember but also would give your brand the perfect image that you desire and at the same time would generate a huge volume of leads. Most importantly, you would be getting trackable real time results which can be forwarded to the CRM or intended digital destination.
Unleash the power of the automated surveys with an appropriate combination of our call tracking, missed call and reporting solutions. With our robust platform, you can easily segment your customers and prepare very easily for repeat messaging.
Simply retarget all your audience and readily increase your return on investment or ROI on all your conducted marketing campaigns y using our versatile platforms. Send short links as a message or emails and track various information like the mobile numbers of end users who clicked on the link, their location, handset used and browser information. After the tracking of the information is complete, segment the data accordingly and simply retarget it again with a much more refined audience.

Transactional SMS

Our transactional SMS help you to readily reach your customers appropriately and that too at any point of time. Most importantly, we have an API for all technologies and platforms including Google, AZURE, AWS as well as Bluemix thereby making it extremely convenient for the users.

Use Cases

With the help of ‘One Time Password’, you can go for an authorised log on to your application and readily begin with profiling of your customer base effectively. The proper authentication eliminates the chances of your application being misused.
One Time Password or OTP is a genuine verification process. With the help of our transactional SMS, you can very easily send OTP to customers at the time when they register on your website or any other deals take place. You can be sure of the messages getting delivered within a matter of just few seconds and that too with a 100 percent delivery rate.
You can very easily send order confirmation messages to your customers every time there is a confirmed order. At the same time, you can also send SMS alerts to your customers regarding the current status of their orders with the help of our transactional SMS.

Customers tend to be happy when you send them current alerts, reminders as well as notifications. Many times, the customers tend to forget their payment due dates due to their busy work schedule or they do not get time to browse through your website for the ongoing offers. In this situation, our transactional SMS serves great purposes for providing the necessary information to the customers.

Being the principal or the management of a school, the transactional SMS would be ideal to send attendance alerts to the parents of the children in the school. Also, you can send a lot of other updates such as exam schedule, school holidays, events, functions and a lot of others. This is not only beneficial for the school administration but also is of a great help to the parents as well.
If you are a business owner dealing in direct selling or have to deal with a large set of dealers, we can make life easier for you. With the help of our transactional SMS, you can keep all your dealers or partners updated regarding various types of schemes and offers with ease as well as convenience.
With our transactional SMS, you can send messages in different languages which is of a great benefit to give your customers a personalised experience thereby creating a positive impact on the customers about your business. This becomes just perfect to increase customer retention which positively impacts your business.

With the Modern Era of Bulk SMS, make everything clear to your customers in mere 160 characters through our Promotional SMS,
Transactional SMS and Pull SMS.

Direct Connection with Major Telecom Operators

Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Reliance JIO, Idea, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL and MTS. We make use of multiple channels for the instant delivery of your messages.

12000 TPS

Instantaneous delivery of messages with lightning speed which you have never seen before.

Get Real Time Report

You will be getting a real time report of all sent messages with a single click.

User Friendly Web Panel

We have created an extremely user friendly web panel where you can personalise all your messages on the go thereby eliminating the need of excel formatting and uploading huge files.

More Than Over 1000 International Connection

We will help you to deliver messages to about 225 countries within a matter of just few seconds only.

Round the Clock Support

We are available 24*7 to help you out of any problems which you are facing to necessarily make everything easier for you.

Activation is Immediate

We provide you with immediate activation of the services as soon as all formalities are completed.

Technical Project Management

Our expert agents will effectively guide you through the complete steps for set up so that you can start using the services. Our customers can enjoy the extended support from our developers for integrations.