Social Media Marketing

We have a panel based service which is perfectly suitable for bulk messaging.

Use Cases

You can very easily and conveniently make use of our social media marketing platform for the advertising of your products and services. This would enable your brand to reach millions of users across the globe which in turn would be ideal business growth and development.

If you are looking forward to any political campaigns and want your leader to be known face to all, then our services would be ideal for you in this regard. With our platform, you can gain a reach to a huge volume of audiences and that too at a fraction of cost as compared to other forms of promotions.

With our efficient and effective social media marketing platform, you can ideally promote a new movie which has just released or yet to be released. Our platform would give you a global reach which would be quite cost effective in nature as compared to other promotional activities for the movie.

If you are in urgent need of promoting any events, our social media marketing platform would be the ideal choice in this regard. Most importantly, our platform comes to your rescue when the time left for the event to be organised is less. Thus, it would be quite a difficult task to make your audiences aware about the event but with our platform all is very easy and convenient.

If you want your story to be viral in the social media within a very short period of time, then make use of our social media marketing platform. We will help to make your story become viral in a time frame which you desire.

Driving registrations is what is made very easy with our platform. So, whenever you feel the need of driving registrations for your business, do not hesitate to contact us for the best possible results and that too within a limited time frame.

Our platform is ideally suited for the broadcasting different news of your business. It might be the success story of your company or a new product launch but whatever may be the fact, our platform is perfect for broadcasting any news related to your business.

Connect with your customers through our email and WhatsApp messaging service where you can very easily execute targeted campaigns with our services.

Sending Multimedia Content

Share multimedia content that videos up to a size of 10 MB, images of size up to 5 MB and text up to 2000 characters to the viewers with ease.

Deliver Bulk Messages with Ease

In only a single push, you can send 1000 to 1lac messages thereby helping you to plan a bulk campaign.

Upload Format is Simple

You can very easily upload all your contacts in a single CSV file which is an extremely convenient option.

Delivery in the Same Day

The messages are delivered within a maximum of 6 to 8 hours.

Instant Reporting

You would be getting an instant report once the campaign is completed and the number which are unavailable on the social media are credited back to your account.

Get Over the Telecommunication Challenge

With our services, you can easily overcome the DND challenge.


Email marketing as indicated by the name is a form of internet marketing that is done with the help of emails. Commercial or promotional messages are sent through the emails to the target audience which helps in the increasing of the base of customers. This is one of the most sought after messaging channel in the recent times.

We take pride in offering a premium quality email delivery infrastructure for the ones who wish to dispatch emails to a heavy volume of traffic. Integrate our robust and scalable email solution to your application for simply gratifying your customers. Our emailing platform is simply a one stop solution to all your emailing needs.

Use Cases

Our system helps you merge your application with our emailing solution for OTP verification, ask for authentication requests or transmit crucial updates to your customers.
You can organize an automatic batch email processing along with attachments or embedded media for the purpose of managing invoices, statements, reports and a lot of other things with our easy to integrate & fail proof APIs.
Use our promotional campaigns to organize and send a large number of promotional email campaigns merged with our high-quality graphic user interface.


  • Our advanced algorithm would help develop the importance of your IP address in order to have 99% messages delivered in your inbox.
  • Receive a large number of mails by using our dedicated Mail Transfer Agent.
  • Our dedicated servers work best for intra and international delivery by sending you a large number of messages in the least possible time.
  • An access to the scalable infrastructure in order to have email broadcasts in a large volume.
  • Get an in-depth dashboard for analytics.
  • Send across personalized versatile content with a variety of APIs.
  • Get round-the-clock customer care service.
  • Modern equipment for arranging, personalizing and so on.