Global Reach

1000+ - Carrier connects internationally. Message delivery within a matter of just seconds.

70 Billion

Heighten Your Business

70 Billion - Delivered messages in a year with a strong and sturdy platform

12,000 TPS

Delivery is Instant

12000 TPS - Experience direct connectivity with all Indian operators


Reliable Communication

99.99+ - Platform uptime SLA necessarily meets all business requirements.


We are presently living in the modern world of technology where we are surrounded by electronic gadgets. It would be very correct to say that we are in the mobile world at present and it is quite essential to be at par with the advancing technology. For a large scale business to thrive, it is quite important to be in constant touch with the masses. One of the easiest and convenient ways to reach out to the masses is bulk SMS. With only a single click you can send information to a huge audience. This is exactly where we provide our full support to all business owners. Our bulk SMS services helps messages to be delivered throughout the country putting an end to your marketing problems.